We have investigated the concept of green /electric propulsion, but after careful considerations have decided at this stage to opt for reliability with the Yanmar diesel engines (other brands available under the semi-custom concept). These have been tested and proven for years on hundreds of thousands of boats.

Why not opt for the propulsion of the future on a catamaran that aims to set new standards in the cruising catamarans world?

Freedom. The main consideration is the servicing. We are confident that pretty much anywhere in the world you would always find a mechanic who knows how to service a Yanmar engine and is likely to carry spare parts. We have doubts that the local marine engineer in the Caribbean or Thailand will know how to fix an electric engine.

We will continue to observe the performance of this power solution, and may fit electric engines as the standard solution in the future - but for now. We believe that the same as the push-button sailing concept, this system belongs to the yacht sailing with a full time engineer on board - not the owner-driven catamaran.

As detailed in our section DESIGN & COMPROMISE , we have always prioritized speed and therefore did not compromise on weight during the design phase. However, on the particular subject of propulsion, we have refused to comprise the reliability of the engines over speed.  We considered lighter diesel engines but were not confident in their reliability.

For the owner who feels confident in servicing the engine themselves, the electric propulsion is offered as an option.