We strongly believe that any boat and in particular a high performance catamaran should take inspiration from racing yachts. Offshore racing multihulls are the result of millions of miles circumnavigating in the harshest possible conditions - and millions of dollars are invested on research, with tested and proven deck layouts. Sailing systems designed for a solo skipper to handle his ORMA 60 trimaran are solutions that obviously benefit recreational sailing and cruising. The BAÑULS catamarans are inspired by the racing multihulls design but are not as extreme and are designed and built with safety margins adequate for fast cruising catamarans.

We would never suggest to test on a cruising cat - even a performance orientated one - an innovative or radical solution, which has not been exhaustively tested on racing multihulls until its breaking-load is fully understood . If some “revolutionary” design feature is incorporated by some catamaran manufacturers - and not by the multihull racing world - there must be a reason…

The equipment on our catamarans such as winches, blocks, jammers, clutches and furlers has not only been tested and proven on racing multihulls but has been carefully selected to ensure that the boat is fitted with properly sized, high-end equipment. For example, there is a substantial difference in terms of quality, weight and efficiency between a $USD 8,100 Harken Performa 70.3 STA self-tailing 3 speed winch and a $USD 2,650 standard two speed self-tailing 60 cruising winch. We have four Harken Performa 70.3 STA on the BAÑULS 60.

The following features are directly inspired from racing multihulls:

  • Hull design and hydrodynamics - (hull & bow design stemming from Renaud Bañuls’ experience in the design of dozens of hulls for racing multishulls including the amas of America’s Cup winner BMW Oracle)
  • Construction technique (racing yachts building techniques)
  • Sails (Incidences) (Option)
  • Mast (Lorima)
  • Furlers (Karver)
  • Mainsail reef
  • Mainsail halyard hook (Option)
  • Code zero and gennaker halyard hooks (Option)
  • Battery Starter
  • Running rigging Cousin Trestec tested on the 105ft Maxi trimaran Sodebo
  • B&G electronics 
  • Upside Up (Ocean Data Systems) (Option)
  • Carbon Standing Rigging (Option)