Because different people have different needs, we recognize some will consider custom catamarans.

This is a great option for the owner with the budget and time to invest in such a project. However, not all owners can dedicate the time needed for a full-custom design to be successful.

We therefore offer the BAÑULS 53-60-78 as a semi-custom catamarans.

This allows the personalization of your boat as long as there is no alteration to the structure, i.e. bulkheads.

Here are the areas where you can make your own choices:

  • Layout 
  • Interior design 
  • Deck hardware. 
  • Full carbon construction 
  • Rotating carbon mast 
  • Fixed or lifting rudders 
  • Shaft or sail-drive 
  • Electric Propulsion 
  • Electronics 
  • Systems 
  • Sails

You can work with your own interior designer and if the BAÑULS 53-60-78 catamarans do not fit your needs, we will work with you to define your ideal full custom catamaran.