You do not need to be a naval architect to understand that a 60 ft catamaran weighing 9-10 tons will offer substantially superior sailing speed at any wind angle and wind speed than a 60ft/19 tons catamaran.

For a given boat length, a light catamaran will be faster, safer and more comfortable at sea.

The “less is more” concept is fully applicable: less weight is more speed, more comfort, with more safety.

Weight control was a constant obsession during the design phase :

  • A low profile roof, non-excessive freeboard, narrow hulls, no headliners, and minimalist design, the idea was to minimize the square meters of composite shell and minimize the weight.  
  • All furniture is built out of lightweight composite.
  • Any superfluous equipment was rejected.
  • Only high-tech composites are used.
  • Carbon rig
  • The hull topsides are painted, there is no gel coat. This requires numerous hours of sanding and spraying but the weight savings over such a large surface is substantial.
  • There are no headliners on the ceiling, no upholstery to cover the inside skin of the hulls. Any visible hull part is painted.
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) See ENGINEERING.