The boat is fitted with a BEP CZone™ system.

BEP Marine’s CZone™ is a state-of-the-art, networked power control and monitoring system designed to intelligently integrate and simplify onboard electrical systems for greater functionality and to improve the boating experience for the end user. The intuitive daylight viewable Display Interface enables control, with circuit status, of DC loads, full monitoring of tank levels, DC and AC power systems and a host of other functional features.

Compared to traditional electrical layouts, CZone™ decentralizes the DC power distribution system, relocating circuit control and protection devices closer to loads in turn shortening cable runs and reducing the size of conductors, thereby decreasing the cost and weight of the electrical wiring harness. CZone™ replaces complex inter-helm wiring with a single data cable.

CZone™ also has the inbuilt ability to provide dimming and timer controls to any circuit.  The systems “Modes” functionality allows control of multiple circuits, at one time, to suit the boat usage (i.e. night mode automatically turns cabin lights on to dim levels).  The addition of a wireless remote can even allow operation of a mode and exterior lighting before you board the vessel.

Highly customizable, CZone™ is cost-effectively scalable on boats ranging from 15 to 90 feet. Modules can easily be added to best suit the installer’s and user’s needs. The Plug and Play system is designed for simple, fast installation requiring no factory set-up. If a module is damaged, the system will automatically program the replacement module when it is plugged in, removing the need for an on-site professional technician.


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